KONZI has spent two years meticulously preparing every last detail of their ideal debut into the music industry. They move as a hive-mind, lockstep in their choices and in their faith in one another. This level of collaborative craftsmanship, confidence, and thoughtfulness is crucial to the broad spectrum of emotions in which they will usher their audience. Each band member vibrating to the same kinetic energy they feed the crowd. Whether it begins with pure energy or ebs and flows to the depths of one's emotions, KONZI inspires thoughtfulness of their audience, but makes sure they don't do so without dancing. 

KONZI's unified front, their thoughtfully engineered branding, tasteful storytelling videos, and soul casing debut record is poised to make waves, and provide a seamless transition into the top of the music industry. Thoughtfulness, here, was everything. 

"We want people to leave the shows feeling positive about living, to encourage people to make somebody's day, to not just experience life, but to welcome it." Every set list has been thoughtfully curated, every outfit/costume is intentional, every visual guiding you further and further in, proving KONZI is a journey more than a show.